MS Dhoni’s captaincy – Top 5 unbelievable decisions


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ms dhoni's captaincy
ms dhoni's captaincy

Recently Dhoni declared that he won’t be captain for India anymore. Always MS Dhoni’s captaincy is more popular than his batting or wicket keeping. His crazy decisions, and the way he talk with team mates from behind the stumps is always trending and interesting. Here are the top 5 unbelievable decisions that looks so wired but those were proven as master stroke.

MS Dhoni’s captaincy – Top 5 unbelievable decisions

1. 2007 ICC World T20 final

It was the first T20 Worldcup. India was in the final, final was so special as it was played with Pakistan. Last over remaining. Pakistan was needed just thirteen runs in last six bowls. All three main bowlers’ quota was completed. Dhoni picked up Joginder Sharma who was not main bowler. Misbah-ul-haq, top batsman from pakistan was on the strike. For india it was matter of six balls or a wicket. Everyone surprised with the decision. And rest of all is the history. Joginder got misbah on third ball and India won the world cup.

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2. 2011 ODI World Cup final

It’s 2011 worldcup final. India have chance to win the final after so long time. After early dismissal of sehwag and sachin, Gambhir and Kohli built up the inning. After dismissal of Kohli, every body was expecting inform batsman Yuvraj Singh. When ‘They’ show MS Dhoni, instead of Yuvraj Singh, Everyone lost their mind. People started calling him selfish and so on. But at the end Dhoni made unbeaten 91 in just 79 balls.The strategy later he disclosed ” It was Murli – the offspinner bowling and it would have been very easy for him if both left hand batsmen were on the crease “.

ms dhoni's captaincy
ms dhoni’s captaincy


3.  ICC Champions Trophy, 2013

It was ICC Champions trophy final between England and India. India made only 129 in first inning in 20 overs. After 17 overs England needed 28 in 18 balls. It was looking easy win for England. Dhoni throw ball to Ishant for 18th over! everybody lose their mind as Ishant already gave 28 runs in his first 3 overs. But in that over Ishant took 2 wickets and manage a good win for India. Note – there were 2 overs of Umesh Yadav who gave only 10 runs in his first two overs were remaining  that is why it was unbelievable decision by MS Dhoni’s captaincy!

ms dhoni's captaincy
ICC champion’s trophy 2013


4. Making Rohit Sharma an opener

Rohit sharma always played as middle order batsman. There was lot of expectations from him but from 2007 to 2012 he could manage to hit runs with average of 33 and strike rate around 77. And he had only one century with top 8 team. People were asking to drop the Rohit and give chance to some other player. Dhoni has some other plan, he tried him as a opener and rest is the history. He scored runs as a opener with average around 56 and strike rate of 90.

Dhoni's captaincy - Making rohit sharma a opener
Dhoni’s captaincy – Making rohit sharma an opener

5. 2016 T20 WC

It was very important match for India to qualify for further round in worldcup .  Last ball 2 runs were needed. Very new Hardik Pandya was bowling that over. he already given enough runs in first five deliveries. Now Dhoni had a talk with him. Dhoni stood behind the stump, somewhat off side without a glove in one hand ! And as per plan it was off side bounce ball which is very hard for lover order batsman, he missed , Dhoni picked up and he run out the batsman. It was the best decision ever!

MS Dhoni's captaincy vs bangladesh
MS Dhoni’s captaincy vs bangladesh


MS Dhoni is also famous for his continuous guidance and funny comments from behind the stumps. will come up with those funny comments. Stay tuned 🙂

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