Why does Dhoni not hit the helicopter shot anymore?


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helicopter shot

When we see Dhoni batting on the ground, we are expecting helicopter shot. We want sixer by Dhoni.  Now a days Dhoni hitting so many sixers in last overs but not seeing his trademark helicopter shots much.  Then question arise in fans mind that Why does Dhoni not hit the helicopter shots anymore?

In a press conference this question was asked to Dhoni.

“We don’t get to see the helicopter shot these days?”

Dhoni’s reply on helicopter shot

The helicopter has to take-off at a particular place. If you go to the sea or in a submarine, it will be difficult for the helicopter to take off. So you have to see what the plans are. Helicopter shot is a shot played to a particular delivery. If that delivery is not bowled, I cannot play a helicopter shot against a bouncer. Maybe I can take a stool and play the helicopter shot but as of now, looking at the strategy of the opposition, it is difficult to play that shot. If they bowl yorkers outside off and I practice playing helicopter shots standing outside the leg side, I won’t even connect.

There could be other reasons also

  • All bowlers know the secret of helicopter shot. Bowlers are not bowling at offside yorkers from where he can play the shot
  • it is not as much easy to play as you think
  • There is much risk in playing the shot.

Here is the video – Dhoni playing Helicopter shots. Enjoy.

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