Akshay Karnewar – A bowler who can bowl with both Arms –


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Akshay Karnewar
Akshay Karnewar
There are bowlers with right arm of spin  or left arm off spin, who struggles when left hand – right hand combination there. Bot what if a bowler can do both !! 
There was a match  league match of the Syed Mushtaq Ali Twenty20. Himachal Pradesh team (Indian domestic) was trying to chase down 183 runs set by Vibhadra. That was the match to enter in super league. 
Bipul Sharma , all rounder off himachal pradesh facing Akshay Karnewar, the 23 year old left arm off spinner. Bipul was looking very comfortable with him. Them Karnewar informed umpire that he is switching to right-arm off spin. And umpire’s expression was priceless “sorry , what???” .

Akshay Karnewar
Akshay Karnewar
Akshay karnewar
  Actually Akshay was the right-arm off spinner when he started the carrier when he was 13 year old. His coach Balu Navghare noticed that Akshay doing everything with left hand – batting, throwing . So he asked him to try to bowl with left arm. After two year of practice he bacame comfortable to bowl with the both the arms.  
Although he is nearly six feet tall, Karnewar delivers the ball with a flattish arm action, without imparting much turn.

“My aim always is to maintain a wicket-to-wicket line, bowl dot balls, increase the pressure on the batsman, and I feel that will get me the wickets,” Karnewar says.

Here is the video you can watch , how comfortably karnewar bowling with both the hands 



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